Check out your yellow belly that I just can’t get around. 
I’m so upset but it’s so so funny, as good as in the ground. 
It’s hurts me so that I still want you around. 
Check out my yellow belly, for you’re all I dream about. 

I’m calling you now to come and help me out. 
Tired and alone, fingers to the bone. 
If this place had a coast, well I would swim back home. 
But the currents would drag me down, a great white would eat me whole. 

I waited for you.

new song.

oops. Accidentally logged into the wrong tumblr. Bye. 


Bad quality soundbites of new songs I will put out in the new year. 

Powerchords are good for your soul.


Tomorrow I should really sort out my resume and apply for jobs, but fuck it. I’m going to record music to send to my friends back in Newcastle who will then record drums and bass for me and send the tracks back over. Then I will make a record.

The wonders of the technology.

It’s my lecturers birthday from when I was doing my degree. 

I just posted on his facebook and it reminded me of the time I handed in my final bit of work - he told me that he had been discussing with the other lecturer on my course how they wish I was a mogwai, just so they could pour water on me and produce more students similar to me. 

Pretty sweet. Good guy.

new wes anderson short

Oi, that’s my axe! only mine is shitter.

Oi, that’s my axe! only mine is shitter.

We went to see Gravity yesterday.

The storyline was shit but the 3D was outstanding. Breath taking. Felt like being in space.

Pesto sauce is just another one of those things I will never be able to afford.